When we empower women, we also empower ourselves, our families and our communities.

Our brand is the result of a collaborative workshop with influential Aboriginal business owners who helped us to define a brand that could effectively communicate our purpose.

“Sistagirl” is commonly used in Aboriginal communities by women to address other Aboriginal women. Therefore, “Sistagirl” was a perfect fit for a business with a strong purpose to empower Aboriginal women.

Our logo and style guide were developed by Tamara at Impact Media, a Karratha based Aboriginal business. The 3 elements seen are the Aboriginal symbol for women. For us it also links to our 3 pillars of Aboriginal Engagement. The yellow circle demonstrates joining with Jason Signmakers to provide fully integrated solutions for sign and print. Our approach to the joint venture is about combining resources and talents to benefit our clients first and foremost.

Our artwork was drawn by our co-founder Raquel Todd. It features the initials of each of our board members and was created from inspiration by Palyku artist Sally Morgan.