A mentor and good friend once said to me, “When we empower women, we also empower ourselves, our families and our communities.” This has really stuck with me. I am Raquel. I am an Aboriginal woman from the Banyjima and Kariyarra language groups, based in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Throughout my career I’ve been honoured to work with some fantastic mentors in a range of industries. My experiences have led me to where I am today… the proud co-founder of Sista Girl Sign & Print.

The path to our launch

In November 2019, I received a phone call from John Mancini, the Managing Director of Jason Signmakers. John was building a mandate for Aboriginal Engagement across the Jason Signmakers Group and wanted to talk to me about my experiences.

I first met and worked alongside John Mancini (Managing Director of Jason Signmakers) in 2013. During the next 6 years I was involved in various Aboriginal Engagement Strategies in the finance sector and with waste management company, North West Alliance. This gave me the opportunity to work with a number of incredible Aboriginal entrepreneurs who were more than happy to mentor me and empower me as an Aboriginal woman in business.

The phone call with John Mancini led to discussions about creating a partnership with Jason Signmakers. We were both passionate about building a company with a purpose that was centred on more than just the “products & services”. This why you’ll see that 1 of our 4 purposes is to positively impact the lives of Aboriginal People providing jobs, connecting with businesses and supporting communities.

Today we are both excited to formally launch Sista Girl Sign & Print. Sista Girl Sign & Print has a fantastic purpose, strong capabilities in signs, safety and print, and a determination to do great things.

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