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Koodaideri Contracting Services & WATM Crane Sales and Service
Koodaideri Contracting Services & WATM Crane Sales and Service

Sista Girl was honoured to work alongside Koodaideri Contracting Services (KCS) and WATM Crane Sales and Service (WATM) to create a one of a kind artwork piece designed to suit a new Pick and Carry Crane.

The breathtaking, authentic art piece designed by Sista Girl is a true representation of a partnership. The artwork provides a powerful story which showcases the coming together of two Western Australian companies.

Beginning with the identity of each business, their logos are the centerpiece of the story. The bridge between both logos represent the coming together of the businesses and the start of a long working relationship. From there, the pathways showcase the working relationships between KCS, WATM and other businesses across WA. Within those pathways, the earthy toned dots represent the colours seen throughout our great state.

The blue swirls are known as waterholes, which represent the hidden gems which are only reached by going off the beaten track. Circling outwards from each water hole are rings, with each ring showcasing the beautiful and unique Pilbara Flora. The purple, pink and orange dots represent the colours of a spectacular Pilbara sunset with the shades of green representing spinifex, shadows of black showcasing ancient rock art and tones of red representing a deep history in mining. The culture enriched region is captured throughout this authentic design and is one which needs to be seen, to be believed.

Lastly, the Pilbara Fauna is instilled within the design. Emu and Kangaroos tracks can be seen approaching and leaving the water hole while the Boomerangs represent the hunting of KCS and WATM.

Our experienced printing team has worked collaboratively with our designers to ensure we maintain the enriched vibrant colours that the Pilbara offers. Our printing facilities are second to none and are matched with an experienced fleet livery application team.

The digitally printed Avery vinyl was applied to the new Pick and Carry Crane with an UV over-laminate designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions found in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This provides longevity and preserves maximum exposure to the artwork.

Koodaideri Contracting Services & WATM Crane Sales and Service
Anthony (Managing Director, WATM), Raquel (Co-Founder & Director, Sista Girl), Peter (Managing Director, KCS) & Frank (Owner, WATM)

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