Sista Girl Sign & Print is proud to be recognised as a Certified Supplier for Supply Nation.

Supply Nation provides Australia’s largest national directory of verified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. It has a world-leading 5-step verification process which provides peace of mind by ensuring that all businesses listed on Australia’s largest national directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, Indigenous Business Direct, are not only Indigenous owned but are also regularly audited for changes in company structure and ownership.

Our purpose is to positively impact the lives of Aboriginal Australians, providing jobs, connecting with businesses, and supporting local Aboriginal Communities. Through Supply Nation, we will have the opportunity to help realise our purpose by building mutually beneficial relationships with organisations seeking to engage Indigenous suppliers for safety products, signage and print solutions. We work with clients across a range of sectors incuding mining, construction, retail and industrial.

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Information on Supply Nation Certification

An Indigenous business that is majority-owned, controlled and managed by Aboriginal people or Torres Strait Islanders is eligible to become a Supply Nation Certified Supplier. Businesses must meet rigorous certification criteria before Supply Nation will connect them to supply chains and there is a detailed auditing process in place for Certified Suppliers to ensure the continuing ownership of the business by verified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owners.

To be eligible, a business must be:

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